RBEVAN.com website was started in 1998 and over the years a few website designs created and hosted many fun videos, jokes, images and game sections which grew a sizable following across the globe.

The website was started as a hobby, manually creating, curating and posting fun and fresh content took too much time, eventually stopped and slowly the majority of fun stuff have since been removed due to lack of time. Now only a few classic online games are available to play.

Since 1998, this website domain was first developed with HTML, found HTML programming was clumsy and boring. By 2001, the website was created on Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) platform and ActionScript scripting language for an enhanced interactive web display compared to boring old HTML where coding was at the time not standard or compatible across the different and emerging web browsers. Since Apple stopped Adobe Flash being installed on their iPhones, the website converted back to HTML (5) without the fun elements.

You never know with Wordpress and plug-in content and viral marketing automaion the website may have a new lease of life in the future, until then have a great and fun day ahead.

Thank-you for visiting